Causes of weight loss in children

Causes of weight loss in childrenHeight and body weight - indicators of the physical development of the child. At each visit of a pediatrician to 2 years old, weigh and measure the length of the body. There are other indicators: the circumference of the head and the circumference of the chest, from the measurements of which it is possible to diagnose possible deviations from the normative scale. If the last parameters are distorted, then most likely they show pathologies, body length - genetic indices, then shortage of weight or its excess can often be corrected by introducing additional products into the children's diet, excluding something from food, etc.

Stages of rapid growth and weight gain

Anatomy identifies 3 stages of rapid growth and weight gain of the child:

  • 1st year of life;
  • 4-5 years;
  • puberty (pubertal).

Common causes of underweight in infants


Underweight in infants1. A little mother's milk. Breasts do not gain weight because of insufficient milk from their mother. The child constantly takes a breast, in breaks can not be capricious, but at the same time it recovers very slowly.Experts are guided by the developed scale. She will help each mom, before visiting the doctor, to find out how her child is developing.

2. Incorrect feeding. To introduce complementary foods you need to gradually and correctly: The treating pediatrician will tell you how many grams of food (and what) to give to the baby.

3. Bowel disease. If the child began to lose weight, it can be a sign of gastroenteritis. Examination of the doctor here is a must.

4. Colds. A stuffed spout, shortness of breath prevents the baby from sucking the breast normally or taking a bottle. As a result, he does not get enough.

5. Individual features physique. A newborn, depending on heredity, can be a “warrior” or a “baby”, so if he had a dense build in his family, he would gain more weight than his peers.

Weight loss in childrenChild 4-5 years

All organs of the child work with terrible force, adaptation is reduced, diseases become more frequent, the functionality of the body’s internal systems is disturbed, and the growth rate is slowed down. Hence the recommendation of the pediatrician - the first visit to the children's team in the kindergarten to 4-5 years.

At the age of 14, the development of the body goes on at a rapid pace, there is a jump in growth, so in the pubertal period it is necessary to monitor. It is easier to fix the problem noticed earlier.


Why a teenager is thin

Usually a lot of attention is paid to children who are overweight, and forget about thinness as a teenager. The reasons for shortage of weight in a teenager is:

1. Consequences of the transitional age;

2. rapid metabolism,

3. unbalanced nutrition,

4. psychological suffering,

5. anorexia disease.

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