Fashionable images "Winter 2019" for women and girls

The whole secret of a stylish image is in the layout of things. The choice of shoes for a certain dress, the color of the scarf chosen for the coat — these details determine the image as a whole. Details in fashion are extremely important.

For a long time someone wise noticed that fashion always comes back. From year to year we are faced with the trends of past eras. Renaissance corsets, colored jackets from the 90s, fringe and leather pants from cowboy times - all this with enviable stability appears from season to season.

And all that distinguishes these trends from their predecessors is the details. It is they who bring the innovation that allows the old trends to revive again.

No need to guess what the details, and what fashion trends will be again relevant in the future season. It is for certain known, and already now it is possible to pick up sets of clothes for this winter. It is worth noting that almost every fashionable image of “winter-2019” consists of familiar things, beaten up in a modern spirit.

In addition to trends that repeat over time, unexpected references to clothes that never seem to claim the laurels of universal delight will also come into vogue. So, one of the trends of the winter of the 19th year will be clothes in the style of a communal uniform. What other surprises are preparing an extravagant fashion world?

An image that is always noticeable

One of the main trendy images of the cold season will consist of clothes of neon bright colors. Any extremes in this topic are only welcome. Do you want to dilute the discreet image only slightly?

best winter looks

Please add only a juicy accessory - lemon yellow suitcase, or fuchsia-colored shoes. Want to create a shocking image in the "acid" shades? No problem, just combine a hot pink blouse with mandarin-taffeta pants.

The most relevant colors of winter in the neon palette will be just lemon yellow and pink fuchsia of the most unrestrained and challenging shades. Stylists are sure that this trend is the best for the cold season - after all, a lime sweater and a crimson dress perfectly save from the winter blues.

Disco Life

image of winter 2019 trends

The love of the 80s can never be eradicated from the world of fashion. Bright clothes in the disco style and in 2019 will be relevant, especially with regard to dresses and trousers.

A wide line of shoulders (certainly with foam pads!), A deep V-neck and a combination of bright colors - this should look like a stylish dress of this season.

stylish winter looks

A gorgeous sleeve (tapering to cuffs) and a leopard print are only welcome. As for the trousers, then choose wide pants made of soft fabrics with a high fit, and combine them with colored blouses and shirts. As accessories, use wide hair bands and hoop earrings.

Fashionable employee

Often in fashion are everyday and everyday things. This winter, elements of working uniforms and uniform robes will be on the wave of popularity. What to choose?

fashion clothes winter 2019

Sweatshirts and windbreakers, worn over the head from synthetic materials with reflective stripes, wide trousers and overalls of shiny raincoats, jackets and raincoats with "unloading" pockets and similar vests. Colors can also be watched from communal: in addition to bright orange, in the trend of universal shades like sandy beige and light gray.

World of the wild west

Divine fringe, leather necklaces with adjustable metal pendants, leather trousers and high boots are ideal parts for a cool winter look. You can feel yourself as a brave cowboy by picking up a blouse with leather inserts and traditional American embroidery, or wearing a suede jacket with a fringe.

fashion trends winter

For special occasions, you can choose a dress made of hard leather with a fringed skirt, or use the feminine version of the image - a white dress with a long multi-tiered hem. The second image is better complemented with a bag of red leather, or a suspension in the Texas style. Outerwear this winter boldly complement the wide-brimmed hat.

And if you are a fan of long raincoats, by the end of winter, pay attention to a black raincoat, or an asymmetrical coat with a smell, and a hat like Zorro’s. You can also create an actual image with the help of a comfortable poncho coat.

Overseas in especially large sizes

fashion bow winter 2019

To some, the trend of voluminous and deliberately large clothes seems terrific, somebody does not accept such things at all. In any case, the overlook remains incredibly popular, and only grows. Moreover, the further, the more topical are winter down jackets, fur coats, coats, and even dresses with jackets.

To get to exactly this complex fashion trend, look at the denim jackets on the fur of light blue tone. Choose a bright color oversize jacket and wear it with warm large sweaters, not buttoning up (if the winter is warm enough for such fashion-extreme).

As for dresses, choose simple styles, like a baby-doll: with a low waist and a lush hem.

Venus in furs

winter fashion images

The fashion for fur, perhaps, never passes, but in 2019 outerwear from fur will lead the trends. It does not matter whether the fur coat is made of natural fur or artificial substitutes - any option is relevant until the spring.

The thickness and size of the fur coat also do not matter: classic thin women's fur coats of soft fur are equally fashionable, and fluffy, “shaggy” models in oversized style.

An alternative to a long fur coat will be a short jacket of curly sheepskin, and in this case it is worth choosing a color product - red-orange, blue, or dark-lilac color with black splashes.

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