Fashionable manicure under clothes 2016 trends of ideas of a novelty photo

Manicure has always been inseparable from the image. By manicure can be much to say about its owner. Beautiful, well-groomed nails are always in the center of attention.

nogti_2016_19Mystery never harmed a fashionista. After all, this is the quality that men appreciate in women. Dark, deep colors can create a mystical halo. In 2016, burgundy, emerald, dark blue, and red colors are recognized as fashionable. And this trend can be traced not only in clothing and jewelry, but also in manicure. If you are afraid that your nails will look too ominous, stick to a shortened manicure, your nails should not be too long. The tendency to dark colors in manicure does not mean that you should choose only the black and gray scale. Warm vibrant tones (red, burgundy, orange) also have a place to be, but they must be deep and with a dark shade.

nogti_2016_78Manicure under the red dress 2016 fashion ideas trends photo news

If you are wearing a red dress, you will certainly be in the center of attention. Thanks to this, even your behavior can drastically change. You will become more confident and at ease. And men will admire you!
Sometimes a red dress is supposedly a reflection of the inner state of its owner: her confidence in decision making, inner strength, confidence in her beauty and attractiveness. It happens and vice versa: wearing a red dress, a woman is just trying to get rid of the failures that haunt her. Thus, she as if says: “I am starting a new life!”.

nogti_2016_45The red dress can be strict or playful, lacy or simple, straight or asymmetrical, short or long. Red is a universal color: it is perfect for both brunettes and blondes.

The scarlet manicure will perfectly harmonize with such a bright dress. If the dress is complemented with some elements or details, for example, a thin black or golden belt, you can perform a manicure using two or three colors of lacquer, for example, with the addition of gold or sparkles.

nogti_2016_51Stylish manicure under a black dress 2016 fashion ideas trends photo news

Many of us prefer dresses of black color, regardless of its style and purpose. If you plan to wear a black long dress, for example, in the Greek style, then it will look great with long, sharp nails (this applies to any dress on the floor in general), and the short dress perfectly combines with the rounded tips of the nails, and the length does not matter . When choosing the color of the varnish, you can be guided by the situation itself. If you are going to a business dinner, then a classic French manicure will be a great solution.

nogti_2016_28A suitable, successful pattern on the nails can make your manicure perfect. If you paint your nails with black lacquer, and apply white, bright red or pink roses on top, then such a manicure will look just great. You can cover your nails with black lacquer, and decorate with atop multicolored stripes, spirals, funny curlicues, geometric patterns, hieroglyphs and multi-colored dots. Drawings can be painted with varnish or with acrylics, you can stick the finished stickers or use a stamping for nails.

nogti_2016_32Stylish manicure under the blue dress 2016 fashion ideas trends photo news

Blue color is considered to be one of the brightest and most luxurious, inherent in all the most expensive and elegant. Its various shades are saturated and beautiful: sky-blue, magical azure, dark blueberry, cornflower and others. Such things go to almost every girl with any skin tone and hair color, the main thing is to choose the right shade and be able to correctly beat him, for example, to make an interesting manicure under a blue dress.

nogti_2016_24Manicure in white and blue colors, for example, floral patterns along the entire length of the nail plate, will also look great. You can add rhinestones that will give the image a more festive look. With a blue dress well combined manicure, made in red colors - from bright to darker colors.


Stylish manicure under the turquoise dress 2016 fashion ideas trend photo new items

Bright spring-summer colors make their adjustments to the female manicure. Fashionable turquoise color of clothes too demands observance of certain rules in color registration of nails.

nogti_2016_46The simplest version of the manicure is the use of the same shade of varnish as the dress you have chosen. However, there are some nuances.First, a beautiful turquoise color tends to reinforce many of the defects of the nail plates, therefore, immediately before applying the lacquer, you must carefully polish them, and also cover them with a special base-base.

A light turquoise, blue dress will resemble the sea during a storm. Perfect for tanned beauties. Color will carefully give uniqueness to your appearance, as well as skillfully emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes. Gold and silver jewelry with stones (it is desirable that they are not bright) will not overload the outfit, so you can safely complement the image.


Manicure under the yellow dress 2016 fashion ideas trends photo news

Bright images are quite popular in modern fashion - attracting the attention of others, they emphasize the exclusivity of the woman's character, its beauty, confidence, independence. However, the problem lies in the need for proper selection of accessories and jewelry for this option in order to prevent excessive accumulation of flowers that look tasteless. Therefore, many are interested in the question of what shade of manicure under the yellow dress is better to choose, and what style it will match.Many options - each must be selected individually, accompanied by appropriate makeup and other items of clothing.

nogti_2016_31Stylish manicure under a black and white dress 2016 fashion trend ideas photo new items

A little black dress is a must-have item for a woman’s wardrobe! But in order to look truly fashionable and stylish, an elegant and flirty dress in black and white colors must also be included in the basic set of clothes. It does not matter in what style it is sustained, no matter with what pattern - the monochrome color scheme emphasizes the beauty of a woman as well as possible and refreshes her image.

nogti_2016_42But you should be able to wear a black and white dress (like any other!) With dignity. The good taste of its owner will emphasize correctly selected accessories, exquisite makeup and perfect manicure. Black manicure at all times testified to the high position in society and the wealth of its owner. Someone combination of black and white nail polishes may seem simple and gloomy, but after all, elegance is often in simplicity. With all its restraint and rigor, this decoration option opens up endless possibilities for creativity.Black and white design of short or long nails will always be a spectacular accent of femininity.

nogti_2016_37Pink dress manicure 2016 fashion ideas trends photo news

Let's start with pastels. Gentle shade looks beautiful with light nails. This can be a nude or french manicure. Choosing a monophonic design, make sure that the shape of the nails are smooth and neat, because in this case any tears will be evident. Beautiful and elegant look matte varnish on the nails, combined with a pink dress. French manicure with a beautiful pattern or appliqué will also successfully highlight your taste and sense of style.

nogti_2016_22When choosing a manicure for a pink dress, do not forget that there should be no more than three colors in the image - one main and two as accents. To look stylish, it is not necessary to give the nails brightness. In many cases, a calm monophonic manicure looks organically in combination with a pink dress.

Manicure under the white dress 2016 fashion ideas trends photo news

The most common manicure under a white dress is a classic "French", made in bright colors.The base of the nail can be natural, beige or pale pink, and the tips can be white. Top need to apply a clear lacquer to fix. But you can change the French manicure, bring a bit of innovation to the classics. The edge of the strip that paints over the regrown part of the nail is called a “smile”. This very "smile" can be made black, golden or silver. And some masters make a double strip, using several contrasting colors at once.


There is another classic method of decorating the nails, which is suitable for gentle and modest girls. For a manicure under a white dress you can use plain light lacquers, without drawing any patterns. It is necessary to stop the choice on beige, tender pink, white. It looks natural and romantic. To add brightness, you can decorate your nails with rhinestones, stones or a small amount of sparkles. They will shimmer in the sun and attract attention.

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