Jennifer Lopez talked about motherhood and failed marriages

In a recent interview with the American editionPeople 45-year-old singer and mother of twins Max and Emma told a lot of personal. Jennifer Lopewith open-hearted and told about her unsuccessful attempts to build a family, fear of loneliness and even the desire to have children.

We translated Jennifer's most basic comments:

1. «I believe in a family, I believe that two people can constantly bring joy to each other. When I was married, I sincerely believed that those marriages were supposed to last forever, but I still had a lot to learn. Nevertheless, I still hope for a fairy tale. ”

2. «I was terribly afraid of loneliness. But I know that I must change the approach to relationships, he was unhealthy. I was always surrounded by people: first parents and sisters, then lovers and husbands, I was never left alone. After the divorce, I realized that I needed a break, a time for myself ".

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Jennifer Lopez talked about motherhood and failed marriages - image number 1Jennifer Lopez talked about motherhood and failed marriages - image number 2

3. «I came to the conclusion that I constantly put the interests of my men in the first place, without thinking about my goals. ”.

4. «I have two healthy and happy children. I do not know if this is probably due to my age, but I would like to get pregnant again - I dream of having twins again ».

5. «The kids saved me. Their love made me reconsider my life, become more responsible. ”.

Recall all the talk about past and future novels of Jennifer rise in the press for a reason. At the end of 2014, Lopez released the autobiographical novel True Love. In the book she frankly told about her former men and the fact that she was given every relationship. By the way, the first person she allowed to read the novel was her ex-husband Mark Anthony.

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