Lunar calendar hair cuts for March 2019

In the esoteric sense, March is one of the most difficult months of the year. This is a turning point. In the middle of the month there is a daylight saving time point; a time when day and night are equal.

This is the sacred month of the arrival of spring, the beginning of renewal, the return to life. When planning a change in appearance, it is very important to understand when and what procedure should be performed. After all, you can create a fracture for yourself - for the better or for the worse.

Hair cut on an inappropriate lunar day can begin to fall out, whereas a haircut on auspicious day will contribute to both growth and strengthening. Moreover, changes can be fixed for a long time: either for one lunar cycle, or to stay with you until the next turning point in the seasons - in September, on the day of the autumnal equinox.

In order not to harm yourself, carefully study the calendar of haircuts for March 2019, and plan in advance all the beauty rituals.Then even such an everyday action as shampooing will bring many benefits - and your hair, and overall health, mood, and emotional state.

General characteristics of the month

Haircut calendar for March 2019

March is rich on good days for hair care. First of all, this is the period of the growing Moon, when it will be first in the sign of Leo, and then in Virgo.

The beginning of the month will also please the opportunity to visit the hairdresser with benefit - the Moon in Taurus will direct the master's hand in the most correct way. Haircut will keep the form for a long time, although the hair will grow quite actively. On other days, it is better not to change your appearance too drastically, and to devote time to other pressing matters.

Recommendations for every day

March 1

Today's haircut will have a good effect on the overall condition of the hair. If you have problems with the density, volume or brittleness, a haircut of the 1st number will help to cope with each of the nuances much more quickly. Successfully develop staining, regardless of the complexity. This is one of the few days in March when you can dye your hair in a bright color, or carry out a complex, gradual change in color, for example, dyeing in blond.

2nd of March

To get a haircut on this day is not desirable.Today, hair is closely related to the psycho-emotional background. Accordingly, any damage to the hair will negatively affect the mood, and with a high level of stress in life, it will further increase the nervous load.

March, 3rd

On this day, you can usefully change the color or tone of the hair. First of all, the new color will affect your attractiveness, make you in a good sense more noticeable to the opposite sex, and also give you a charge of positive forces. Haircut is not contraindicated, but will not give positive results.

March 4

reduced performance and activity,

Not the best day to go to the salon. Today it concerns hair, nails, eyebrows and eyelashes. Manipulations with them can deprive you of energy, significantly lower your working capacity, activity, interest in life.

5th of March

Everything, that is connected with a chemical influence on hair today is extremely undesirable. Including, care procedures, unless you use home-grown natural remedies. A haircut will not affect the beauty or health of your curls, but will make you feel more confident, harder to stand on your feet.

March, 6

Good day to shave your hair. It is advisable, not cardinally, only to remove a little extra length or damaged tips.Prophylactic haircut will adjust your body's connection with cosmic energies, from which you can recharge for a few more days.

March 7

The new hairstyle will be your start on the way to renewing the whole body. The hairstyle will start metabolic processes, and also will open channels of inflow of health and forces. Hair, today's haircut, will quickly grow back, so do not plan a complex haircut - the form will not last long.

March 8

A positive day not only for a haircut, but also for your finances. The procedure will attract the energy of money to you, so feel free to sign up to the hairdresser. It would not be superfluous to make a couple of deep care rituals, because the effect of treatment will exceed your expectations at times.

9th of March

Negative day for a new haircut. You can dye your hair if it was planned in advance, otherwise, postpone all procedures.

10th of March

image change on the calendar cuts for March 2019

Wonderful time for any changes. If you want to lighten up or refresh a light color - it’s better not to find a day. Haircut will help to improve your hair, make it thicker, will add shine even to dull and thin curls.

11th of March

To cut hair today is to attract the energy of material well-being and health. It is recommended to do the beauty and condition of the same eyelashes and eyebrows.It’s not worth making up today, otherwise you can get into a family conflict, but hair care, both home and professional, will be very useful.

12 March

Another positive day to go to the beauty salon. The haircut is connected with the inner instinct, even the gift of clairvoyance. Intuition will sharpen and help you avoid trouble.

March 13

Extremely negative day for any manipulations with hair.

March 14th

Today you can dye your hair, but is not recommended in bright colors and unnatural shades. A haircut will promote hair growth, but in general will have a neutral effect.

March 15th

You can feel worse, and the recent illness - will return, if cardinally today's haircut. To strengthen and improve your hair, use a balm or mask, when you wash, ideally - your own production.

March 16

negative impact of haircuts

The negative impact of the planets is still felt, so until you rush to a haircut. Any styling operations will lead to deterioration of the hair, they will become brittle, lifeless and disobedient.

March 17

Fresh haircut will be your reliable shield against evil eye and bad energy.In addition, the new hairstyle will protect you from diseases and help the body to strengthen the immune system. No harm to curls will be styling, curling, complex hairstyles; Hair coloring is also not harmful. “Painless” today you can lighten hair, as well as straighten or curl using chemical means.

18th of March

Both haircut and coloring March 18 will attract money to you. They can come in a very unusual way, probably you will win the same free haircut, or get a gift care or styling coupon.

March 19

Haircut today may affect your career growth. The more successful your chosen shape and length, the more active your progress will go later, so do not be stingy when choosing a master. Make up today is not worth it, your hair will react badly to the aggressive effects of paint. This also applies to eyebrows with eyelashes, however, henna coloring of eyebrows is not prohibited.

20th of March

hair color change

This day it is better to paint than to get a haircut. A change of color will give you a good mood, and a haircut will bring dark thoughts, and in general will not bring the desired pleasure. It is best to devote the day to care and conduct a healing procedure for the roots, tips of the hair, or the scalp.

21 March

You can dye your hair a dark color; light shades do not "get accustomed" and quickly fade, the blond will turn yellow and soon become "dirty". Haircut will have a negative impact on health, but the hair itself will not have any effect.

March 22

If you have any problems with your heart or vessels, try to leave your hair alone for this day in order not to aggravate the diseases of the cardiovascular system. Ideally, collect hair in a tail, or cover with a hat.

March 23

Haircut will bring changes in life, so think about it before sitting in the hairdresser's chair. It is not necessary that the front of change will be negative, but it will definitely be sudden, and therefore stressful.

March 24

To cut hair on this day is bad for those who have naughty and too voluminous, fluffy hair - they will become even thicker and unmanageable. But, if you have thin and devoid of volume strands, a haircut will have a beneficial effect on them.

March 25

Bad day for a haircut. You can dye your hair, but the most natural means.

26 March

hairstyle change according to the haircuts calendar for March 2019

Haircut will benefit the appearance of the hair, but the coloring, on the contrary, will significantly ruin the health of your hair.

March 27

A good day for preventive haircuts, as well as for hygienic manicure and pedicure. Lightening and blonding will be successful.

March 28

You can not cut your hair in short so as not to lose your position in society and good reputation.

March 29

Not a good day for a haircut, but very good for chemical exposure. Curling, straightening and lamination will be the best possible way.

30th of March

Energetically strong day. If you cut your hair today and thereby dramatically change your image, you can get a powerful charge of positive energy, and also become a noticeable goal for the energy of money. Painting in a dark tone will improve your position at work and attract the attention of the authorities to your efforts.

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