New petrol stations near Moscow in 2019

Despite the fact that advanced environmental technologies are increasingly filling the market space of the planet, it is impossible to say that the internal combustion engine at least somehow significantly moved electric cars. Consequently, the filling complexes of their demand and relevance are not going to lose at all. On the contrary, as the number of vehicles is steadily increasing, and the need for them increases accordingly.

Not to mention the fact that geographically the Moscow region has significantly expanded in recent years and the expansion of the development of the surrounding towns, villages and administratively free lands has been significantly activated. Therefore, the recent news that in 2019 as a whole in the region are going to build a minimum of a dozen new gas stations, was perceived by all more than favorably. Especially since the complexes are expected to be quite interesting.

Modern statistics

Before you reveal the cards for future innovations, it is worthwhile, of course, to evaluate the local gas station market as a whole - it will be easier to understand how they specifically differ from their predecessors, what general development trends emerge in the market.

Refueling complexes in Moscow region 2019

First, it is worth understanding that this market is extremely profitable: a turnkey station can cost 10-40 million rubles, and if it is located in a good place (on an active highway, with a small number of competitors), only its sales from gasoline sales can be up to one and a half hundred millions a day. And if you subtract the cost, on average, 10-15 tons of fuel, it turns out quite a good income.

And this is without taking into account traditional cafeterias at the complexes (for reference, they sell more than a hundred cups of coffee alone each day).

Secondly, it is absolutely logical that the refueling market is strongly monopolized, and especially, naturally, in such a crucial area as the capital and the Moscow Region. The leader here is now by brand, which is expected, Lukoil - they are sneaking up to one and a half hundred gas stations, TNK and Gazprom are about the same for both and somewhere in the hundred.

new gas station

Half of them are from Rosneft, BP and Tatneft.The import owners here are practically not represented: unless Shell modestly took shelter with its ten ... What is funny is that none of the market functionaries did not divide Moscow and the region into spheres of influence - all settled down more or less evenly. The only thing is that traditionally in the east Rosneft is being built a little more - but, already a tradition, there's nothing to be done.

As for the territorial distribution, of course, the farther into the area, the lower the density of accommodation. Of course, basically, everyone is trying to "hang out" on the Moscow Ring Road and on the "departure" regional highways.

But, from the mysterious clusters near m.Kaluzhskoe and in the area of ​​Ochakovo-Matveyevskiy, one still involuntarily falls into confusion - why is there so much? In total, in the zone, according to statistics, there are more than a thousand gas stations today, but still there is a shortage of them, especially if you sort out regarding the desire to be served by vendors from the “white list” (with good quality gasoline).

“We are ours, we are new ...” We will build a gas station!

Gazprom Refueling

Apparently, Gazprom decided to take a couple more steps in the direction of “fulfilling dreams” not only according to its financial annual report, but also according to the aspirations of ordinary motorists: in 2019 they are going to build as many as five new petrol stations of the last generation in the MO.

Of course, someone will notice that this is a drop in the ocean, compared to what needs to be done in connection with the increasing number of zamkadyshs in a geometrical progression. But, the road of a thousand li, as you know, begins with one step and develops it, which is also indisputable, only going ... The company has already rented 8 hectares of building land from the regional government and received all necessary permits.

The authorities hope that in this regard, the regional budget will receive an additional 175 million rubles. over the next ten years.

The gas stations themselves are going to be multifunctional: they will provide services not only for the sale of gasoline and other types of fuel, but also serve as catering establishments, and also banking terminals with many options will be located on their territory.

The project is aimed to develop in the future - it is expected that gas stations will be overgrown with car service centers, shopping and hotel centers, and even campgrounds. At first, Gazprom expects to spend about 730 million rubles on everything about everything. And the locations for the location of new gas stations were chosen by the Sergiev Posad district, Noginsk, Ruza, as well as the cities of Domodedovo and Bronnitsy.

Lukoilovsky "response to the Chamberlain"

Lukoil Refueling

The main competitor of Gazprom decided to keep up with its counterpart and respond to its ambitious construction plans and its five gas stations in the Moscow region. Luykolovtsy, this time, decided to make happy in 2019 Dolgoprudnoye, Odintsovo, as well as the Podolsky districts and Pushkino.

In total, they staked out plots of 1.6 hectares, on which filling modules will be built, as well as a mass of additional services for motorists. For example, temporary parking for heavy trucks and recreation areas for drivers with families (most likely, they mean cafeterias, small shopping centers, etc.).

The project aims not only to develop a presence in these regions and broadcast a wide range of its services to the population, but also to systematically improve these areas socially, in terms of both creating new jobs and improving the overall infrastructure of the districts.

It is expected that Lukoil will spend about half a billion rubles for new refueling in 2019, and within ten years it will only be able to "load" the regional budget with an additional 92 million rubles by tax revenues.In addition, as noted by representatives of the company, this project fits into the framework of a large-scale program to attract investment in the local authorities, to develop domestic tourism and improve the living standards of citizens in general.

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